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O-Larn Promjai (Oh)
Epitaph, Marmalade,Lam Morrison,
( Born: 5 April)
Damrongsit Srinak (Pingpong)
Hirock, The Sun, SMF ,
The Lamp (Manoj Band)
( Born : 3 September)
Talerngpong Memuta (Perd)
Assanee - Wasan Band, Miti Band
Rockestra Band
Razman Bin Nasrudin (Ruba Mosan)
The Shiok band , Rockestra
Vuttinund Pirompakdee Band,
Joe-Kong Novo
( Born: 24 May)
Nop-anan Prayulsook (Kor)
Ekamun Potipanthong Band
( Born : 10 April )
Pichanat Kraikhoom (Golf)
The Rain Band, Maria Band

The O-Larn Project, is a rock band widely known for its own unique music style. Not only has it influenced and inspired the creation of several rock albums in Thailand in recent years, but it has also been the launch pad for several Thai rock stars to form famous rock bands such as Hin-Lek-Fire (Stone-Metal-Fire), and The Sun.

In 1984, O-Larn Promjai was a member of The Soda Band, but he started composing his own songs ready for the debut of his own band The O-Larn Project.

The O-Larn Projects original line-up consisted of 5 musicians: O-Larn Promjai (lead guitar), Pathompong Sombatbipoon (singer), Pitak Srisank (bass guitar), Chanin Saengkamchoo (drums), and Chatpong Niyomthai (keyboard).

( Above is the current line-up)

Their first album February 2528 (February 1985 Representing the Care) was produced by GS Sounds and achieved rapid success with such hits as Ya Yud Yang (Dont Stop), Tan Kwam Huang Yai (Representing the Care), Proh Rak (Because of Love), and Chan Yaak Tay Proh Thur Wa (I Wanna Die of Her).

O-Larn continued to write and develop the bands musical style. They were in fact the first band in Thailand to fuse classical with rock, a style which complemented the meaningful lyrics of Pathompong.

Their long awaited second album Hu-Lek (Iron Ear), was produced by Milestone Records, (owned by Manoj Pudtan) and was distributed in 1991.

By now, the band had reformed, changing from 5 members to 4. O-Larn and Pathompong brought on board a new bass guitarist Narong Sirisarasuntorn, and Swedish drummer Michael Johansson.

In 1993, The O-Larn Project joined with The Rain and Manoj Pudtan to record 3 songs in the special album Tri Paak (The Tri-World). The well known Dae Prakoon Poh Mae Poo Ying Yai Talord Kan (The Obligatory Dad and Mom: The Greatest of Eternity) was one of these songs.

The O-Larn Projects fourth album Likit Duang Dao (Star of Destiny), was produced in 1996 when the band signed with The Perfect Records. This album won the prestigious Season Awards Best Rock Band and Best Instrumental with Palang Lae Kwam Tang Jai (Strength and Intentness), which O-Larn composed as a grateful dedication on the auspicious occasion of 50th Anniversary of H.M. the Kings reign.

1997 brought their fifth album Ten Years of The O-Larn Project with a new arrangements of songs from their first album, together with a new song U TEE JAI

Their sixth and latest album, The O-Larn Project Classic was produced in 2002 , and celebrated the reunion of the original band members. The songs were re-arranged and re-worked in both acoustic and electric styles.

Today, The O-Larn Project band is still busy with regular gigs and concerts, and time permitting, the occasional TV or radio appearance. O-Larn Promjai is invited by other artists to share his work on their own albums, such as Yuenyong Opakuls album Suem Sao Ngau Hang for which Tiwa Sarajutha composed both melody and lyrics, and on The Ebolas album Enlighten.

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